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Our Impact

What We Achieve

Our work has changed the lives of individuals, families and communities throughout our targeted areas…In 2017 we have reached communities in over 200 remote localities in Southern Haiti. Here are some highlights of what we have achieved.

Provided Health Checks and

Basic Healthcare services to

49867 people

An average of 140 consultations per day have been provided in our targeted areas. REMODEL has helped address the problem of accessibility in primary health care in hard to reach areas. Through mobile clinics, community health checkpoints and other outreach activities, our services have led to reduce avoidable hospital use and reduce health inequalities. In that sense our consultations have contributed to lower the costs of care and improve general health outcomes





We know, for example that appropriate care around the time of birth including the prenatal period, could avert more than 40% of deaths attributable to labour and delivery complications. By providing prenatal consultations and encouraging pregnant women to attend, REMODEL helped to reduce maternal and newborn health in the community


Pregnant and Breastfeeding women have received micronutrient powder


Children have received

micronutrient powder


Children screened

for malnutrition


Our nutrition program helped prevent close to 20,000 severely malnourished children

More than


Young people took part in Awareness sessions about early pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)


80% of the youth attending our sessions said their knowledge has improved in terms of early pregnancy prevention and STIs prevention including HIV. More than 92% said they will adopt a more responsible behaviour.

In addition to preventing tooth decay, REMODEL intervention has also helped to protect a child from becoming ill. Corrective dental care can be expensive when available in Haiti. Preventing dental issues through brushing and flossing for instance will cost far less than dealing with cavities and other dental problems.

Handwashing promotion implemented by REMODEL helped prevent diarrheal episodes in schools and our communities. Research shows that proper handwashing before meals and after going to the toilet can lower exposure to germs. This can lessen the chances of illness and chronic inflammation—leading to better nutrition intake, more energy available for growth and development, and better attendance at school.


School children have been sensitized on dental hygiene and hand washing



Children under 2 have been fully    vaccinated 

This performance has contributed to improve immunization rates across the Nippes Department. 

By training more than 150 community and health service providers, we know that we are improving the quality of our services offered on the field


women leaders have been empowered through nutrition education and rights. 

REMODEL Development

36 route des freres,

Port au prince, Haiti

Tel: +509 28 189 914

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